Toaster Oven Reviews

toaster oven reviews

Toaster ovens are a great way for families to have an alternative to their full sized ovens. They allow you to save on prep time and power. The best ones offer the ability to do much more than toasting and will allow for baking, roasting and broiling.

The best toaster oven allows you to be energy efficient when preparing your favorite foods with some having presets to ensure you never overcook or burn a meal. They are budget friendly and can have large enough capacities for a family while being easy and safe to use as well as easy to maintain.

You can find toaster ovens in a variety of sizes to fit perfectly on your counter top as well as you can find them in a wide range of colors. Newer models are outfitted with different technologies and presets to make preparing foods at home easier and healthier for you and your entire family.

How can you go about choosing the best toaster oven for your needs? You are in the right place to find that information and to read some authentic toaster oven reviews before making your toaster oven purchase.


How to Choose the Best Toaster Oven



To find the best toaster oven for your needs you must first figure out what type of model you need. You can find countertop models as well as built in models that are mounted into a cabinet area in your kitchen.

A countertop toaster will be portable and give you the option to store them away when they are not in use. They are generally more budget friendly and do not require installation as they are “plug and use”. If you have limited counter space or, if you would simply not rather create clutter on your kitchen counter then you can opt for a built in toaster.



The size you choose is solely dependent on your preferences. You may need a larger oven if you want to be able to prepare whole chickens or casseroles for the family. If you are strapped for kitchen/counter space then you can opt for a smaller unit. In any size you will appreciate removable racks to offer more flexibility when it comes to the size of the dishes that the toaster oven can accommodate.



If you want a toaster oven that is easy to clean you should opt for one with an electronic touchpad. Since this is a flat area it easier to clean that a dial since there are no grooves for debris to go into.

Toaster ovens with electronic touchpads tend to be more precise as well and offer pre-programmed keys for warming, defrosting and even reheating food. Another feature or setting which is great is a light inside which can give you the opportunity to see your food, this is a great feature for performing tasks such as melting cheese and broiling.



The best toaster ovens have an intuitive design that allows for adjustment of the racks as well as the temperature so that you can customize your cooking for the meal that you are preparing. Preset buttons on some models allow you to select the right temperature and time for some popular foods such as toast, bagels, pizza and cookies.


Things to Consider



One of the first things you will see in a manufacturer’s description is the size of pizza that a toaster oven can accommodate. You will also see the number of slices of bread the oven will be able to toast at one time and the size chicken it can roast.

This information can help you to decide what size toaster is right for you based on the amount of people you usually cook for.

If you cook for a large family you may want a toaster oven that can toast 6 slices of bread at once.

If you have a small family but like to cook entrees such as beef or chicken roasts then you will want a toaster with the adequate capacity to meet your cooking quantity needs.



Considering what you will be using your toaster for most of the time is an excellent factor to use in choosing the best toaster oven for your needs. If you really only need a toaster oven to toast your bread, and occasionally cook or warm food for one person then a smaller toaster oven is right.

If you are into making your own breads however you will want a modern toaster oven with a steam or convection feature to cater to your bread making needs. If you won’t be baking any bread and just need to heat pizza then you can opt for a toaster oven without the convection feature.


Counter Space

Toaster ovens are available in an array of sizes. You want to take measurements of the space you have for the toaster oven so you know what your size limitations are once you start looking at toaster ovens.

Remember that you will need extra room around the toaster oven to ensure that it is properly ventilated so you should take that into consideration when looking at the size of the unit. Product dimensions can be found in product descriptions as well as on the manufacturer’s websites.

Never just assume the size of a toaster oven based on a picture.



If you are one of the many who want a convection oven but are not able to replace your stove or range because of cost then a good option would be a toaster oven with a convection feature.

Adding a toaster oven with convection to your kitchen in the right size and with the right features can enable you to do all the cooking you would have done in your full sized oven without paying the high price it would cost to replace your full size oven.

Mind you, this will be smaller than your traditional oven but should not be a problem as long as you are not catering large parties and gatherings from your home kitchen.





Price Group

Cuisinart TOB-40N Custom Classic Toaster Oven Broiler  3.7 / 5 $
 Hamilton Beach 22720 Toastation Toaster Oven  3.5 / 5 $
 Panasonic NB-G110P Flash Xpress Toaster Oven, Silver  4.4 / 5 $$$
 BLACK+DECKER TO3250XSB 8-Slice Extra Wide Toaster Oven, Black/Silver  4.1 / 5 $$
Oster Extra Large Digital Countertop Oven, Stainless Steel, TSSTTVDGXL-SHP  4.3 / 5 $$


Cuisinart TOB-40N Custom Classic Toaster Oven Broiler

The Cuisinart TOB-40 Custom Classic Toaster Oven Broiler is large and features a full-body stainless steel design. It comes with a full range of menu options, making it as versatile as its competitors with much higher asking prices.

Most customers who have purchased this toaster oven describe it as being user-friendly and reliable. The rubberized knobs provide sufficient grip and easy handing, and at the same time provides some form of heat insulation when the oven is functioning at full throttle.




Other features that stand out for this oven include the temperature and toast shades dials, an oven-on indicator light, and an auto safety shutoff capability for all the functions. With the Cuisinart TOB-40 Custom Classic Toaster Oven Broiler, you can toast, bake, or even broil any menu option that interests you.

prosHigh Powered 1800 Watts Heating Elements

This custom oven operates under 1800 Watts of power, providing a suitable environment to toast bread and bagels, bake and broil your favorite foods.

prosFull size and non-stick interior

The full-size interior of the oven allows it to accommodate an 11-inch pizza and six slices of toast.

prosStainless steel front with rubberized easy grip dials

Easier to clean and does not corrode quickly.

prosCool touch handle and a front removable tray

Makes handling of the oven easier when toasting, baking or broiling your menu options.

prosAlways even shade control

Useful in monitoring the temperature and adjusting the timing to toast the menu to the selected shade each time.

prosAuto side-out rack

Suitable for hands-free loading, and easy removal of cooked foods.




prosConvenient and easy to use

This is enhanced by the auto-out oven, nonstick interior, and the adjustable thermostat temperatures.

prosHas multiple cooking functions

These include toasting and cooking functions such as toast, bagel, warm, bake, and broil.

prosHas a generous interior space

The oven has a lot of space to toast 6 slices of bread, toast 4 bagel slices, bake an 11-inch pizza, or even roast a 3 pound chicken.

prosToasts menus to perfection

It delivers consistent toasting results with its even toast shade control capability. Also, its toast setting uses both the top and bottom heating elements, suitable for most types of bread.


What Could be Better?


consRelatively loud operation

Previous users have that the timer on the toaster is a bit loud especially when you are in close vicinity to the toaster oven.


The Bottom Line


For the most part, the Cuisinart TOB-40 Custom Classic Toaster Oven Broiler is packaged nicely, with simple straight lines and simple on/ off/ bake/ broil, and other control settings. You can have your toast complete on both sides fast, with no cases of drying out as observed in other types of toasters, ovens, and broilers. This device is a must have for every apartment, and is suitable to be presented as a gift to loved ones.



Hamilton Beach 22720 Toastation Toaster Oven

The Hamilton Beach 22720 Toastation Toaster Oven is the best two-in-one toasting sensation that parents should invest in to make cooking more convenient and easier. The toaster and oven offer its users ample space to double the cooking pleasure. Most toasters or small ovens can only toast two bread slices or cook a small meal each time. However, this device is unique since it saves on space, and can do both functions conveniently.




The Hamilton Beach 22720 Toastation Toaster Oven with its inbuilt controls, you can know when your food is ready without having to hand around when toasting or cooking your food.  The toaster oven also has the following features to help users fit more cooking into their daily lives.

prosVersatile Toasting

The extra-wide top bread Slot can fit two slices of bread, bagels, or English muffin halves, making the cooking or toasting process much easier and faster. Bread lifter presses allows the toaster plates stay down firmly to ensure complete and even toasting. The drop down crumb tray catches any mess, and can easily be pulled out to make cleaning simple.

prosIntuitive Interface

The mode selector allows the user to switch easily from the toaster mode to the oven mode for a more versatile cooking experience. The oven temperature dial/ knob allow the user to set their desired toasting or cooking temperature depending on the menu. The toast shade selector allows the user to select and change the shade they want their toast to be upon finish.

prosBaking Functions

The durable baking pan ensures a better cooking experience allowing for evening conduction of heat to ensure your baked product comes out at its best. Removable oven rack slides are convenient for cooking, and can hold up two slices of pizza at a go.

prosON/OFF button

Useful in automatic and manual control of the toaster and oven when in use.




prosGreat versatility in very little space

The versatility of this toaster oven is enhanced by its no-fuss cooking design which ensures that the user enjoys all the same great features that are available in a stand-alone toaster oven. All the features of an oven and toaster are combined into a single device, saving on the costs of having to have each of the devices independently.

prosHas dishwasher safe parts

The oven rack and the baking pan are easily removable and can be conveniently cleaned in a dishwasher.

prosCan be used to make leftovers delicious and appealing

Instead of using a microwave to zap leftovers, you can use this dual toaster and oven to make them more appealing using an even heat.

prosEasy to retrieve slices of food that fall off the rack

In a conventional toaster, the retrieval process can be quite tricky. However, with this toaster and oven, you can simply open the oven door and use tongs to remove these pieces.


What Could Be Better?


consDoesn’t come with auto-eject baking tray

Nonetheless, since the baking grate is not attached to the door, it can be a little more difficult to remove items from the toaster and oven.


The Bottom Line


The fact that the Hamilton Beach 22720 Toastation Toaster Oven is relatively small and doubles up as a real toaster is a great plus. Apart from cooking fresh food, you can use it often to reheat things, which is much better than using a microwave.



Panasonic NB-G110P Flash Xpress Toaster Oven



The Panasonic NB-G110P Flash Xpress Toaster Oven is a unique device that operates with smart, double-infrared power to make the processes of toasting, baking, browning, and reheating your favorite meals much easier. The oven is best suited to those individuals who enjoy using simple cooking settings and controls.

You can use the oven to prepare your favorite snacks, side dishes, and piping hot meals. Overall, the oven features a simple and clean design that can enunciate any kitchen décor or countertop.




For added convenience in preparing your favorite meals, this oven and toaster is very feature rich offering you a number of auto cook options for precise cooking of your favorite menu items. This toaster also feature double infrared heating along with precise temoeratyure control giving you all you need for taster oven cooking.

prosDouble infrared heating

This feature is characterized by the high-efficiency quartz and ceramic heating elements that are positioned towards the front and back of the device to enhance even baking, toasting, reheating, and browning. This feature also makes the Panasonic NB-G110P Xpress Toaster 40% faster when compared to other conservative toaster oven models.

prosAuto cook menus

There are six pre-programmed cooking modes and five shades of browning to choose from. The pre-programmed menus include toast, waffle, roll, pizza, quick, and hash brown. There is also the All-day food options which allows you to warm your leftovers and restaurant doggie bags quickly. You can also use this setting to bake your French fries and onion rings with the hash brown setting.

prosPrecise temperature control

The simple left-right touch button on the temperature control panel allows the user to choose quickly and maintain a precise cooking temperature in eight different incremental settings from 250oF to 500oF

prosDigital timer

Makes it quick and easier to cook your food. The bright digital timer has simple up and down arrows that set the cooking times up to a maximum of 25 minutes. The digital timer also has a pleasant reminder that lets you know when your food is ready.

prosConvenient interior light

Makes it easier for you to watch your food as it cooks. You can turn on the interior light by touching the handy light bulb icon on the control panel. The see-through door is connected to the baking rack, allowing for the safe pulling of the rack towards you for safer and more suitable turning, stirring, and removal of food.




prosAn affordable choice

Features everything you would want in a toaster, and is available for a great price.

prosUnique infra-red technology

Cooks faster and does not result in burnt smelling food due to the infrared technology.

prosEasy to clean

It is easy to clean up the toaster oven in seconds by simply pulling out the front tray, grill, and other removable parts.

prosVersatile temperature settings

Allows for easy adjustment of cooking temperature at the start of the cooking process.


What Could Be Better?


consInflexible cooking time during cooking

Please note that cooking time adjustments cannot be done while cooking is in progress so if you need to adjust the time you would need to stop the oven and start all over.


The Bottom Line


Overall, the Panasonic NB-G110P Xpress Toaster is very attractive and has a sleek design. It also does a fine job in all settings. It is great for all your small scale baking needs and is a great toaster with a lot of innovative design essentials.



BLACK & DECKER T03250XSB 8-Slice Extra Wide Toaster Oven

The Black and Decker T03250XSB 8-Slice Extra Wide Toaster Oven is suitable for adding some versatility to your kitchen. It simplifies large baking tasks, and you can use it to bake a plethora of items including lasagna, frozen pizzas, and brownies in a very short period.

The toaster oven features advanced convection technology that circulates air within the oven to enhance fast and even results while baking. It is made from stainless steel and measures 14.5 x 22 x 11.5 inches. It is also available in either black or silver colors.




The Black & Decker T03250XSB-8 Slice Toaster is a workhorse in the kitchen. It features four functions and has three different positions for racks. Internally the oven can accommodate a 12 inch pizza and can do 8 slices of toast at a time. This makes it a great option for families.

prosFour operating functions with different heat settings

These include convection bake keep warm, broil, and toast. You can choose one of these functions depending on your menu items.


There are three rack positions allowing for more flexibility when cooking since you can fit a thin steak close under the broiler, or cook a full chicken. The interior space is large and so it can conveniently accommodate a maximum of 8 slices of toast or a 12-inch

prosRemovable crumb tray

An external crumb tray makes the cleaning process much easier and allows you to remove the tray without having to go into the toaster oven.

prosDual timers

These include the 60-minute timer with stay-on functionality. These timers allow you to set cooking time for different menu items and enjoy the cooking process without having to watch over as the food cooks. There is also the dedicated precision toast timer – Simplifies the toasting process by allowing you to select from the light option to the dark option.




prosConsistent cooking

This is enhanced by the optimized heat circulation process that improves the speed and consistency of cooking. These features are an assurance for consistent performance.

prosThe extra-wide interior is specially engineered

This provides all the room needed to make a proper meal. You can heat up all the food you want at once, instead of having to prepare your food in portions.

prosIts controls and settings are easy to use

The control panel is very intuitive and allows you to navigate conveniently between the toasting, oven, and temperature settings. You can also turn the timer to determine how long your food cooks. Its knobs are nice, big, and easy to grasp, and you can smoothly and easily adjust to achieve finer settings.

prosEasy to clean

The crumb collection tray slides out completely from the bottom, making it easier to clean the toaster oven.


What Could Be Better?


consQuestionable durability

One major shortcoming of the Black & Decker TO3250XSB 8 Slice Toaster is its inability to be durable for a long period as some reviewers note that it runs out after about a year of use.


The Bottom Line

The Black & Decker TO3250XSB – 8 Slice Toaster is the best model of a toaster oven for anyone looking for a device with generous space, easy-to-use controls, and faster cooking capabilities. It satisfies all those needs and then some as its stylish design can fit in with almost any kitchen decor.



Oster Extra Large Digital Countertop Oven


The Oster Extra Large Digital Countertop Oven is a useful addition to any busy kitchen. It is an extra-large digital toaster oven that is housed beautifully in brushed stainless steel and operates efficiently to take countertop cooking to a whole new level. Its roomy interior and incomparable versatility make this toaster oven a suitable option to cater for celebratory feasts or individual quick, healthy meals.

It operates using convection technology, providing you with faster and even cooking for optimum results. With the Oster Extra Large Digital Countertop Oven you can now take the guesswork out of the cooking process.




The legendary performance of this toaster oven is much thanks to its features. It is designed to last as well as it is designed with a large capacity to roast whole chicken and ham, to make casseroles and much more.

prosExtra–large capacity

It can fit a 16” pizza, casseroles, hams, roasts, or a whole chicken, among other foods that could be prepared in this toaster oven. The two rack positions and two baking racks allow for convenient multi-level cooking.

prosOperates at an optimal temperature range of between 150oF and 450oF

This temperature range is guided by other cook settings such as broil, bake, pizza, toast, and defrost.

prosBuilt-in 90 minute timer with auto shut off

Allows you to set the preferred cook time conveniently and carry out other activities as your food cooks. The auto shut off features automatically turns off your toaster oven when the cook time is complete.

prosDigital controls

They provide precise cooking time and temperature that prevents the possibility of guessing the most suitable temperature for cooking your favorite foods.




prosUses 50% less energy

In most cases, full-size ovens are usually not very effective for cooking small-to-medium sized meals. However, cooking your meals with the Oster Extra Large Digital Countertop Oven results in a completely different experience. This toaster oven can help you save over 50% of the energy used to cook the same meal using a traditional electric oven.

prosCaters to various foods

The toaster oven can accommodate more types of foods including bread, lemon bars, bread pudding, cooked mac, salmon fillets, cheese, lasagna, and eggplant parmesan, among other types of foods. All these foods come out pretty good.

prosCooks evenly

This toaster oven is perfect for cooking pizza, and can handle any reheating task conveniently as it heats evenly giving the assurance that the top and bottom parts of your food will cook as expected.

prosHas a catch tray towards the bottom

This implies that you can clean up the toaster oven much easily.


What Could Be Better?


consShort power cord

The toaster oven has a relatively short cord, while this prevents the possibility of tripping when moving around as you use your toaster oven it can also be a limitation for those with older kitchens who may not have outlets close to their counter area.


The Bottom Line


The Oster Extra Large Digital Countertop Oven, Stainless Steel is perfect for you if you would like to have relatively more food options from a single toaster oven. IT is great for use by those with small families who would like to use a toaster oven for smaller meals and save energy instead of using their conventional oven.


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