Best 4 Slice Toasters in the Market For 2018

Best 4 Slice Toasters in the Market For 2018

If you try to look for the best 4 slice toaster, you would realize that there are a multitude of choices out there, but in reality there are only a few models that truly deserve your attention.

In this carefully curated list you will find the 5 models that represent the best choices in terms of affordability, features and reliability.

Our goal is to find models that strike a balance between reasonable price point, sufficient features and presentable exterior, as these are the best 4 slice toasters that provide the best bang for the bucks.

You’ll see household brands in this list, such as Cuisinart, Hamilton Beach and Black & Decker as they provide better reliability over the long term. These purchases are meant to last for the few years to come.

Let’s take a look at the most well-loved selections in this category. If you are looking for a smaller toaster, you may want to check out the best 2 slice toasters and toaster ovens that you can buy now.


Best 4 Slice Toasters


We don’t expect you to pay a lot of money for a good 4 slice toaster, because a decent model in the price range of $30 to $60 is enough to serve your needs.

Of course, if you have some extra cash to spare, the higher end of the price range will score you some extra features, which we will go through in details in the segments below.





Price Range

Cuisinart CPT-180 Metal Classic 4-Slice Toaster  4.2 / 5  $$
Cuisinart CPT-435 Countdown 4-Slice Toaster  4.1 / 5  $$
Cuisinart CPT-440 Touch to Toast Leverless 4-Slice Toaster  4.1 / 5  $$
Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Cool Touch Toaster  4.0 / 5  $


Black & Decker TR1740BD 4-Slice Toaster 3.8 / 5 $


1. Cuisinart CPT-180 Metal Classic 4-Slice Toaster



The Cuisinart has not just one, but three strong contenders in this category. It’s no coincidence that the top three best 4 slice toasters go to the Cuisinarts. Arguably the best 4 slice toaster within this list, the Cuisinart CPT-180 Metal Classic 4-Slice Toaster has been a household favorite since it first came out in 2003.

For a product that has been around for so long, it has gathered its fair share of positive and negative reviews. Fortunately, the positives far outweighs the negative ones, but we’ll still get into each of them to let you decide if it’s worth your bucks.




Measuring at 12.5″ x 11.4″ x 8″, the Cuisinart CPT-180 is metal-clad, compact and exudes a premium vibe. It weighs 6.1 pounds, which is considered pretty light in this category. The entirety of the unit is made of stainless steel and black painted steel, making it a solid and sturdy model.

prosDual Control Panels

If you look closely, you’ll realize that the Cuisinart CPT-180 houses two sets of identical controls and levers. It is actually 2 toasters in 1 brushed stainless steel housing, where you can control the left and right side independently at any given time.

prosCustom Preset Controls

The Cuisinart CPT-180 features 6-setting browning dials on each side, as well as preset Bagel, Defrost, and Reheat settings on either side with indicator light. The active mode is indicated with a small LED beside the small button.

prosRemovable Crumb Trays

Having a removable crumb tray has become a standard in modern toasters, and Cuisinart CPT-180 houses 2 independent slide-out crumb trays for each side (keep in mind that it’s essentially 2 independent toasters housed in the same casing).



Aside from the nifty features such as dual control panels and custom preset controls, the Cuisinart CPT-180 has proved to be a reliable unit over the years. Most users have had their units for at least a few years and reported continued good performance.

prosWide Toasting Slots

Consideration has been made by Cuisinart to accommodate thicker hand-sliced toasts and bagels, which is why the toasting slot was made extra wide. We’ve tried slotting in English muffins and Bagel halves, and there was no scraping of the surfaces (which reduces food debris and minimizes cleaning of crumb trays).

prosExtra-Lift Carriage Lever

Sometimes we wish the bread lever goes a bit higher so we can remove toasted bagels a little bit more easily. With the extra lift levers, you can lift the bread lever of the Cuisinart CPT-180 a little higher than its normal level to help avoid the hot surface while removing smaller toasts.

prosCord Wrap Beneath the Toaster

This may seem like a minor feature, but we’ve found that wrapping the extra length of the power cord beneath the toaster helped us keep our counter top tidy and clutter-free. Keep the unsightly cable out of sight when you are storing or using it in your kitchen.

pros3 Years Long Cuisinart Warranty

Being a Cuisinart product, the CPT-180 4 slice toaster enjoys a 3 years warranty, which is a year longer than most competitors including Hamilton Beach and Black & Decker. We’d gladly take an extra year of warranty even if it means paying a little extra.


What Could be Better?


consBread Lever May be Relatively Fragile

We’ve seen some users complain about a relatively fragile bread lever, with some users reported breaking it in the first years of use. Admittedly, we did not have the unit for too long, but the pair of bread levers were solid and worked flawlessly.

On the other hand, there have been many more users who reportedly used the unit for years without problems. Given the high number of customers, it is possible that the folks who encountered problems with the lever represent only a small percentage of users. Still, this may be the weakest link in the otherwise solidly built model.

Fortunately, Cuisinart offers an industry-leading 3 years warranty which will help to mitigate potential problems to an extent.


Bottom Line: Cuisinart CPT-180 Metal Classic 4-Slice Toaster


Given its price and build quality, there is nothing much to complain about Cuisinart CPT-180. It toasts evenly and consistently, the dual control panel works flawlessly, and we seldom had to clean the crumb tray thanks to the extra wide slots that don’t scrape against our toasts. This is possibly the best 4 slice toaster you can find in the market right now.


2. Cuisinart CPT-435 Countdown 4-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster

This is a second entry of Cuisinart in the same category, and it’s no coincidence that both models are highly rated. The Cuisinart CPT-435 is yet another top notch 4 slice toaster that provides aesthetics and functionality at an affordable price point.

Granted, the CPT-435 sports a more modern look compared to the CPT-180 model that is reviewed above. Featuring two blue LED displays, this model is catered for users who prefer digital controls over traditional knobs and buttons.




Similar to Cuisinart CPT-180, the Cuisinart CPT-435 Countdown 4 Slice Toaster measures at 12.6″ x 12.3″ x 9″. Putting them side by side, this model is slightly larger than the Cuisinart CPT-180 above, but they both feature the same sleek brushed stainless steel finish.

It is also slightly heavier at 7.1 pounds (the CPT-180 was 6.1 pounds), but we did not feel significant difference moving them from one of end of the counter top to the other. Both models are equally portable given their relatively light weights.

prosDual Control Panel

The CPT-435 features two independent control panels that can function simultaneously. Just like the model reviewed earlier, the CPT-435 4 slice toaster actually consists of two independent 2 slice toasters housed in the same casing.

prosOne-Touch Preset Functions

The 4 buttons on each side of the toaster let you choose among predetermined Bagel, Defrost, Reheat and Cancel functions.

Keep in mind that the Bagel function will heat the inside of the bagel more than the outside (crispy center and warm surface). So remember to turn if off when you are toasting breads, or you will get uneven toasts.

pros7 Shade Settings

The “+” and “-” buttons beneath the digital displays let you control the shade of your toasts from 1 – 7, with 7 being the darkest shade. The toaster uses the same heat level for each setting, so expect to wait a little longer if you prefer darker shades for your toasts.

prosRemovable Crumb Tray

The standard removable crumb tray can be easily slid out from the bottom of the 4 slice toaster. Shake off the crumbs before placing it back.



As with other models by Cuisinart, the CPT-435 shares the similar advantages as its sister models that makes it stand out among the variety of choices out there.

prosExtra Wide Toasting Slots

The 4 slots located on top of the toaster measure 1.5″ wide each, allowing for a wide variety of food items to be toasted. We’ve stuffed in thick hand-sliced breads, thick French toasts, bagels, frozen pancakes and toaster pastries and none of them had to scrape their surface.

prosHigh Lift Lever

When your bread is finished toasting, the toaster carriages pop up. Sometimes the size of the toast may prevent it from popping clear out of the toaster. This is where the high lift lever is useful, where you can boost the lever upwards and boost the toast out of the unit so you can remove it with fingers.

However, we did not get a chance to use the feature as none of our items got stuck (thanks to the extra wide toasting slots).

prosLong Warranty Period

As with other Cuisinart products, the CPT-435 Countdown 4 Slice Toaster comes with 3 years warranty, which is longer than the industry standard of 2 years for other household brands such as Hamilton Beach and Black & Decker.


What Could be Better?


consFingerprint Magnet

While we liked the premium feel of the brushed stainless steel exterior, sometimes it can be a fingerprint magnet. We had to wipe it clean every once in a while to keep it pristine. Some readers recommended Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish which can help keep fingerprints out from the surface with just a few bucks.

We did not try it, but judging from the raving reviews it has gathered, it should work well on all stainless steel surfaces.


Bottom Line: Cuisinart CPT-435 Countdown 4-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster


The Cuisinart CPT-435 Countdown 4 Slice Stainless Steel Toaster has a sleek design and a variety of useful considerations built in, such as extra wide toaster slots and independent dual controls, not to mention the extra long warranty.

Oh, and if you were wondering why it’s called a “Countdown” 4 slice toaster, it has earned the moniker from the countdown feature displayed on the digital display during toasting. And if you want something sleeker but retains all the good stuff of CPT-435, take a look at the model below.


3. Cuisinart CPT-440 Leverless 4-Slice Toaster

Ever considered buying a toaster without levers? Enters Cuisinart CPT-440 Leverless 4 Slice Toaster, a sister model of CPT-435 we’ve reviewed above, minus the levers.

Instead of leveraging on traditional levers (pardon the pun), the Cuisinart CPT-440 utilizes motorized lifts that can be activated with a touch of a button. The motor quietly and securely lowers the bread into the toasting chamber and elevates them when toasting is done.

The toasts don’t pop out of the toaster, instead they elevate slowly from the extra wide slots much like a superstar emerging from the concert stage.




Measuring 11″ x 10.2″ x 7.3″, it is marginally smaller than its sister unit CPT-435. However, it is considerably lighter, weighing at only 5.5 pounds, versus the 7.1 pounds of Cuisinart CPT-435 reviewed above.

prosMotorized Lifts

The addition of motorized lifts into the the unit not only reduces its footprint, but it also adds a bit more elegance to the otherwise sleek unit.

prosToast Ready Beep

Having quiet motorized lifts mean you may not realize it when the toasts are ready, so the Cuisinart CPT-440 has a beeper built in to notify you when a cycle is complete. A ready beep sounds and the motorized lifts will raise your toast high above the housing to be removed with fingers.


Bottom Line: Cuisinart CPT-440 Leverless 4-Slice Toaster


If you want a elegant and clean looking 4 slice toaster oven to match your modern minimalistic home design, the CPT-440 Leverless 4 Slice Toaster deserves a place on your counter top. Or if you’re like me, who don’t like to get mini heart attacks from toasts popping out from toasters, the gentle beeping is definitely a welcomed solution.


4. Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Cool Touch Toaster


best 4 slice toasters


The best 4 slice toaster from Hamilton Beach goes to the Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Cool Touch Toaster. It is unassuming, simple and gets the job done. If you want a cheap toaster that toasts consistently and evenly, look no further than this.

Even though it doesn’t have the elegant stainless steel finish of the Cuisinart models we have reviewed earlier, the black plastic exterior does feel a bit cooler to the touch when it’s under full load. Using plastic does have its merit after all, if you are not a fan of brushed steel exterior.




This Hamilton Beach model measures 16″ x 12″ x 12″, so it’s definitely taller than all the Cuisinart models we have reviewed above. However, the actual surface area it will occupy on your counter top is actually not that much bigger than the rest of the 4 slice toasters in this list.

Weighing in at 7.1 pounds, it’s exactly the weight of Cuisinart CPT-435 mentioned above. However, the Cuisinart model feels sturdier than this Hamilton Beach model, mainly due to the difference in materials used for the exterior finish.

prosDual Control Panel

Similar to all the Cuisinart models, the Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Toaster actually houses two independent 2 slice toasters. Two sets of control panels are present to control either sides, and you can use just 1 side if 2 slices of toasts are all you need.

prosRemovable Crumb Trays

Since the 4 slice toaster is separated into two stand-alone 2 slice toasters, the crumb trays are naturally separated as well. Bread crumbs are collected in 2 different slide-out crumb trays that can be easily removed for cleaning from the bottom.

pros5 Shades Controller

Compared to Cuisinart’s 7 shades controller, the Hamilton Beach’s gradient is less defined, but each of the shade level provides sufficient distinction in our opinion. Each of the 5 shades provide enough difference to satisfy most users.

prosPreset Functions

The preset buttons include “Frozen Toast”, “Frozen Bagel”, “Bagel” and “Cancel” functions. Simply remove the frozen items from your freezer and toast with “Frozen” settings, and the machine will factor in the time needed to thaw and heat through them.

“Frozen Bagel” feature is useful for toasting frozen bagels, English muffins or buns. It allows for additional toasting time while toasting only one side of the food.





The main advantage of the Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Cool Touch Toaster comes in the form of its affordability, but this doesn’t mean that it has omitted the important considerations.

Pretty much all the important features found in the Cuisinart models can be found here, save for the stainless steel finish and Cuisinart’s extra long warranty.

prosExtra Wide Toasting Slots

The toasting slots on the top measures at 1.5″ wide, enough to fit in thick hand-sliced breads, English muffins, and bagels without scraping their surfaces. This helps to reduce the accumulation of bread crumbs on the removable trays.

prosHigh Lift Lever

The lever of this Hamilton Beach model can be lifted higher to raise smaller food items like bagels out of the toaster completely. Hamilton Beach calls it automatic toast boost function, so don’t confuse it as boosting heat or cooking time as some of our readers did.

prosFits into Toaster Cover

If you want to store or carry it around, this Hamilton Beach model fits nicely into the Ritz Quilted Four Slice Toaster Cover that provides proper protection for the 4 slice toaster.


What Could be Better?


consRelatively Slow Toasting Time and Loud Bread Popping Sound

We realized that this Hamilton Beach model takes slightly longer to toast at darkest shade (setting 5) compared to the similar toast shade of Cuisinarts. The popping sound of the toast when it’s completed is a bit loud and startling, too.


Bottom Line: Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Cool Touch Toaster


The Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Cool Touch Toaster is everything you need to satisfy the needs of a reliable toasting machine. It doesn’t have a flashy exterior, but it functions as expected and gets the job done at an affordable price.


Special mentions: If you are looking for other affordable appliances that can do more than toasting, consider 2 other excellent models from the same manufacturer – Hamilton Beach 31334 Easy Reach Toaster Oven and Hamilton Beach 31137 Easy Reach Toaster Oven.

These selections allow for a more versatile functions such as bake and broil, while taking up just a little bit more of your countertop space.


5. Black & Decker TR1478BD 4 Slice Toaster



The representative from Black & Decker goes to the TR1478BD 4 Slice Toaster, a very economical choice if you are strapped for cash. It’s one of the cheapest models in this list (and in the whole category for that matter), but it still retains respectable performance for its price.

While the toasting time is slightly longer than the category average, we were generally pleased with its consistency and even toast shade.




Measuring 12.3″ x 12″ x 8″, it takes up about the same surface area as the Cuisinart models reviewed above, but it is considerably lighter with a weight of only 4.1 pounds. We attribute this to the shorter vertical length of only 8″.

Even though it’s not as tall, it has managed to fit all kinds of food items we’ve thrown at it just fine – from thick hand-sliced toasts to English muffins and bagels.

pros7 Toast Shades Selector

Just like the Cuisinart models, the Black & Decker TR1478BD comes with 7 toast shades. Out of the 7 shades, we prefer toast shade 4 for a good balance of brownness and crunchiness.

prosPreset Function Buttons

The preset buttons include the minimal functions, which are the Bagel and Frozen settings. As per usual, the Bagel setting uses different heat distribution on both sides to create a crunchy inside and a warm surface, while the Frozen function increases the length of toasting to account for the time needed for thawing and warming.

We tried both functions in a single session using a sliced, frozen bagel right out of the freezer, and it took 15 minutes longer than usual to get toasted. Fortunately, the end result was satisfying, with a warm surface (sesame seeds are not burnt) and a crispy inside.

prosDual Control Panel

Again, the Black & Decker TR1478BD is actually made up of two separate 2 slice toasters, allowing for independent settings at any given time.

prosRemovable Crumb Trays

The crumb tray of this model drops down from the bottom and can be reinstalled by pushing it up. Keep in mind that this model comes with a single tray instead of 2 separate trays as seen in the models above.




Even though it’s a budget 4 slice toaster, the Black & Decker TR1478BD retains the most important advantages. These small considerations are crucial in enhancing the overall experience with this model.

prosExtra Wide Toasting Slots

While this is a feature common in more expensive toasters, the Black & Decker TR1478D is also shipped with 1.5″ wide toasting slots to accommodate thicker breads such as English muffin and thick bagels. We managed to retain almost all sesame seeds on our bagel because the surface was not scraping against the toaster slot.

prosSelf Adjusting Guides

Black & Decker went one step further by incorporating a set of self adjusting guides in each toaster slot to keep thick and thin items in perfect toasting position. You don’t have to worry about thinner toasts sliding to the bottom, as they will be secured by a set of aluminium guides within the toasting slots.

prosHigh Lift Levers

No good toaster is complete without the inclusion of high lift levers, which can be used to raise smaller pieces of items out of the toaster.


What Could be Better?


consPlastic Smell During Initial Use

During the first few times of usage, you may notice a plastic smell when you are toasting. Typically, the smell goes off after 3 to 4 cycles, so the best way to get rid of the smell is to use a piece of bread and set it to toast at the darkest shade. Repeat the process 3 to 4 times until the smell has completely dissipated.


Bottom Line: Black & Decker 4 Slice Toaster


The Black & Decker 4 Slice Toaster is one of the most affordable and reliable 4 slices toasters out there. It doesn’t have a fancy exterior and extra features, instead it’s built to fulfill its basic function – to toast, and it performs admirably for the price point.


Special mention: While Black & Decker 4 Slice Toaster does the job just well, I have found that the Black & Decker TO1313SBD 4-slice Toaster Oven offers much more for just a bit more premium. Mind you that it’s a full-fledged toaster oven, so it’ll take up a little bit more space on your counter top.

However, if you find yourself using other functions such as heating up other cooked food (such as pizza) or baking, investing in a toaster oven might be a better bet in the long term.



I hope you found the article useful. Be sure to check out our top picks for toaster ovens that represent the best bang for your bucks.



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