Black & Decker TO1313SBD 4-Slice Toaster Oven Review

Black & Decker TO1313SBD 4-Slice Toaster Oven Review

The Black & Decker TO1313SBD 4-Slice Toaster Oven has been a household favorite for a long time, simply due to the fact that it does it job well at toasting, baking, broiling and heating up food quickly.

While the crumb tray doesn’t slide out automatically from the bottom when you open the door, most users will be delighted to know it has a well-functioning “stay-on” feature to cook food that require longer time in the oven.

This toaster oven measures 16.4 x 11.3 x 9.4 inches, tipping the weighing machine at 9.3 pounds. It has received good feedback from most users, achieving a highly-rated 4.3 stars out of 5 in Amazon. Being an alternative to full-sized oven, it can be used to cook and broil chicken breasts and thighs without much problem at all.




Black & Decker TO1313SBD Features


Black & Decker TO1313SBD comes with a few welcomed features that makes it a versatile toaster oven, including the new EvenToast Technology that dramatically improves interior heat distribution to toast breads up to 30% more evenly than leading competitors.

prosEvenToast Technology

This feature allows you to toast up to 4 slices of breads evenly at the same time.

pros9″ Pizza, 4 slices of Toasts

This compact toast oven sits nicely on the countertop, while the curved interior makes room for 9″ pizzas and 4 slices of breads.

prosFour Functions

The stainless steel toaster oven’s cooking functions include: baking, broiling, toasting and keeping food warm.

pros30-Minutes Timer

The timer includes precise toast settings and stay-on functionality.

prosRemovable Crumb Tray

Keep the toaster oven clean with the convenient and removable crumb tray.







prosAn Excellent All-Rounder

This toaster oven is a joy to use, complete with simple settings that do their job perfectly. We baked a personal pan pizza and a few slices of toasts, and all of them came out evenly baked.

prosStay-cool Door Handle

Unlike some other toaster ovens, the glass door handle of Black & Decker TO1313SBD toaster oven stays cool even after prolong use. You can safely open the door without fear of getting burned.

prosWell-defined Function Knobs

The top knob is the temperature knob, middle is the mode knob and the bottom is the timer knob. The settings are versatile, where you can adjust temperature of different modes to achieve different levels of toastiness.

prosEasy to Clean

Crumbs tray is easy to slide in-and-out, and it’s not attached to the bottom of toaster oven (such as the TO1412B toaster oven).

prosLong Warranty Duration

The toaster oven comes with 2 years warranty by Black & Decker, which is one year longer than most of its competitor warranties.


What Could be Better?


consLackluster Heating Elements

Despite the advantages, some users may find the single heating elements at the top and bottom of this toaster oven inadequate. Even though Black & Decker counteracted this problem with their EvenToast Technology to ensure quick and even toasting, it still takes longer to heat up the toaster oven compared to models with multiple heating elements.


The Bottom line


Being one of the household names, Black & Decker definitely does a good job designing home appliances and especially toaster ovens. The Black & Decker TO1313SBD 4-Slice Toaster Oven is designed to take up the limited space on your countertop but at the same time excels at toasting, baking, broiling and heating food at a very affordable price tag.


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